Bio-hazard waste cleaning and removal

Bio-hazard Cleaning and Waste Removal

Biohazard waste cleaning and removal can only be carried out by cleaning specialists with the right expertise. Safety procedures and support in place for teams that do sensitive and potentially stressful work. Trojan 2.0 provides a trauma and biohazard cleaning service for transport providers, prisons and councils. We can be trusted to deliver the service discretely and to the highest standard.

We are a Registered Upper Tier Hazardous Waste Removal business

Safe and sensitive Bio-hazard waste cleaning and removal

Who we work with

Our specialist cleaning teams can regularly carry out crime scene cleaning tasks for the emergency services, the prison service, social services, social landlords, retailers, leisure companies, and transport companies. Trojan 2.0 has the expertise required to clean many different types of crime scenes, including physical assaults, arson attacks, collisions involving vehicles and incidents where people have self-harmed.

 We can deploy these specialist teams anywhere in Devon, from Plymouth to Honiton, Exeter to Barnstaple.

Setting the highest cleaning standards

The teams work to the highest possible standards to counter the many risks associated with trauma and bio-hazard cleaning. This includes carrying out having risk assessments and method statements for every project.

Our personnel are all trained to use the latest cleaning equipment and chemical products. They follow strict policies and procedures established by SafeGroup to ensure their safety and the safety of others. That includes wearing appropriate PPE, including full body suites, gloves, goggles and, if necessary, respirators.

Emergency bio-hazard cleaning

An emergency cleaning service 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. With coverage across the whole of Devon.

Our team is highly experienced at working in Biohazard waste cleaning and removal. They can be trusted to be respectful and to act responsibly at all times when responding to the most challenging cleaning tasks.

That includes the safe containment and disposal of biological substances, such as bodily fluids and items it has come into contact with.

Advanced decontamination

Trojan 2.0 can deploy a range of advanced decontamination technologies, such as ozone cleaning. We use these decontamination technologies, and others, as appropriate to support clients requiring both planned and emergency COVID-19 cleaning. Ozone decontamination can be carried out in confined spaces, such as rooms or vehicles, for example buses, which have been contaminated with blood, faeces, vomit and other bodily fluids. It destroys bacteria, viruses and all other pathogens, and deodorises the space.

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