Crime and trauma cleaning

Crime and trauma cleaning

Trojan 2.0 is one of the South West’s leading Crime and trauma cleaning specialists. We work with emergency organisations and other agencies to ensure areas affected by traumatic incidents are cleaning safely and sensitively. Our specialist bio-hazard cleaning teams can be deployed at any time of the day or night. We use the latest techniques to remove all hazardous material and substances and arrange for their safe and sensitive disposal.

Safe and sensitive crime scene cleaning

Crime scenes and locations affected by traumatic incidents must be cleaned in a timely way. Biological material can be hazardous to health. Our professional trauma cleaners always use the correct protective clothing, equipment, chemicals and techniques.

Trojan 2.0  eams are also trained to manage the technical challenges and pressures associated with crime scene cleaning. They are experienced at working in conditions that might upset conventional cleaning staff.

All activities are carried out in accordance with safe systems of work and site-specific risk assessments and method statements.

Who we work with

Our specialist cleaning teams regularly carry out crime scene cleaning tasks for the emergency services, the prison service, social services, social landlords, retailers, leisure companies, and transport companies.

SafeGroup has the expertise required to clean many different types of crime scenes, including physical assaults, arson attacks, collisions involving vehicles and incidents where people have self-harmed.

For example, we have been called in to clean the inside of police cars and prison cells. We can deploy these specialist teams anywhere in the South West of UK, from Bristol to Truro, Exeter to Barnstaple.

Why choose our Crime and trauma cleaning service?

    • It may not be reasonable to expect regular staff to deal with a traumatic incident due to the impact on their wellbeing. We train and prepare our teams and fully support them in carrying out this challenging task.
    • There may be financial, legal or regulatory repercussions from cleaning a crime scene yourself – for example if that invalidates insurance cover.
    • Trojan 2.0 will provide expert advice to help you recover more quickly and fully from an incident.
    • We will use the right techniques to restore building fabrics and furniture or will give you evidence you can use to support an insurance claim if they must be replaced.
    • Thorough, professional removal of bio-hazards will ensure there are no longer-lasting issues, for example pest problems, such as flies infestations
  • Professional biohazard cleaning technicians will have training and experience in dealing with potentially harmful hazards.
  • Using experienced crime scene cleaners will reassure staff and customers that you have fully considered their health and wellbeing.

What to expect

Here are six aspects of a crime scene cleaning service you can expect from Trojan 2.0 .

    • A fast response. We will aim to be on site in hours to assess the work that needs to be carried out.
    • We will start working with your crisis management team immediately to develop a plan for keeping premises open, if possible, while sealing off and sanitising contaminated areas.
  • Every stage of the cleaning process will be documented and recorded according to needs of insurers or loss assessors.
  • Our teams will act with discretion, professionalism and sensitivity at all times, even in the media spotlight and in public situations.
  • We will always display respect for victims and compassion for affected staff and members of the public.

If you need our crime scene cleaning service straight away, want expert advice or want to know how Trojan 2.0 can support your ongoing business continuity planning, call us today:

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