Education Cleaning Services For Schools, Colleges & Universities

Cleaning Services For Schools, Colleges & Universities

Now that schools fully open hygiene is paramount. The infection control measurements are more important than ever and the quality of the cleaning taking place is important. Our cleaning services for schools is available now.

 Firstly, we focus our attention on germ harbouring touch points. Like your computer equipment and hardware.

We have worked within the education sector for a number of years cleaning computer equipment. Our list of clients includes the following:

  • Ofsted
  • National Education Union
  • University & College Union
  • City & Guilds
  • Teach First
  • Pre-School Learning Alliance
  • As well as a number of public and private schools
Our education cleaning services are needed now more than ever.

School Cleaning Services

Secondly, while we do work with partner companies to provide a more general cleaning service.  We can provide carpet cleaning, regular office deep cleans. Our in-house team focuses on computer hardware.

At Trojan 2.0 we will work with you to provide more thorough and professional cleaning of your tech equipment, including communal computer equipment. From classrooms to libraries, we have your school cleaning services covered.

cleaning office computers

University Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services For Schools
Thirdly, our professional school cleaning contractors, we can ensure your infection control measures are made a top priority. And your university cleaning is taken to an entirely new level. Our cleaning services use the very best equipment and proven solutions to eradicate all germs.

College Cleaning Services

We offer convenience for you and your school team. We also provide flexible cleaning services that work around you. Trojan 2.0 will go that extra step to make your college cleaning as simple, efficient and effective as possible. With our help , you can be sure your education setting is ready for students and staff.

Germs, Students & Staff

The general student population need to maintain hygiene levels and cleaning helps to prevent the spread of germs. Alongside students, the teaching staff must also be protected against germs. Staff are key assets to the university experience and must be protected. Hot-desking at universities means shared work-spaces increase the chance of illness spreading. Communal desks require regular cleaning in order to stem the flow of viruses spreading.

Protecting Assets & Equipment

Your IT equipment such computers and data centres need to be cleaned to maintain full health and protection against failure, as well as germs. Protecting your core business assets. You will be protecting sensitive data and continue to support IT/technology services for staff and students.

Cleaning and functionality of IT equipment is an essential part of the day-to-day running of university services. Providing a safe and healthy environment has many benefits such as increased productivity, morale and reduction of illness.

Computer Cleaning & Data Centre Cleaning

Our computer cleaning service prevents the spread of germs, reduces illness and improves personal hygiene of students. Both computers and data centre equipment longevity is increased. A cost effect service means that budget savings can be made on services and the buying of new equipment.

Hardware Auditing

Universities require large amounts of IT equipment. This equipment needs to be accounted for.

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